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Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Brands Must Stop Pushing Film Stars On Public Psychic For Their Brand Value Otherwise There Will Be A Disaster For A Brand Because Of Celebrity So Associated For Promotion & Marketing.

A Brand Always Retains It’s Market Value Because Of It’s Quality & Reliability And Not Because Of These Film Actors.

If It’s So Necessary To Shoulder A Brand With A Brand Ambassador , Choose Brand Ambassador From Real Life Heroes And Not Reel Life Film Stars.

Brands Must Shift Their Focus And Even They Don’t Need To Pay Hefty Amounts To Real Life Heroes. Brands Has Some Responsibility Towards Society & Country And Moreover If They have Money Use This To Give Identity To Real Life Heroes.

In Return Brands Will Get Bigger Return From People Their Love, Loyalty, Trust In Long Run Because Real Heroes Are For Life Long Whereas Reel Life Film Actors Don’t Have That Stability & High Time Always. They Are Just One Movie Star Today They Are at Sky And By Next Day They Are Of No Where.

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