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“Electric Vehicle in City Transportation “

Electric Vehicle (EV) is the total takeover from the conventional internal combustion (IC) engines of two wheelers to four wheelers, which was the traditional way to buy vehicle and transport. As the air pollution rise in the asian subcontinent ,its the time to move away from the diesel and petrol vehicle utilisation for the small travels for small purposes to lower down the pollutants in air so that there’s a scope of fresh breeze left for the next genration to enjoy the planet. Though,there are multiple source of pollution which gives rise to air pollutants to poison air and level of oxygen goes down while harmful gasses like Carbonmonoxide(CO) and Carbondioxide increases, which is a big threat to human survival and are source of many air born diseases and illness. Electric Vehicle ,the new E-Concept is the best suitable solution to next genration and to curb the pollution in metros of the country. In worlds top twenty most polluted cities fifteen cities of india are there including our national capital and financial capital. So what left for us is to curb and lower the air pollution.

Iff, by making a small change in our travel routine of day today lifestyle by adopting a pollution free electric vehicle run by charging batteries only with the help of electricity , which is the cheapest available source. A major move towards other renewable source of energies can save only planet of life.

Steps of E-Governance are taken already but a second round of ‘E’ (electric) need to be followed and its the need of the hour . This is the right time to understand things and to follow them with a strong intent.

Government should support electric vehicle startups with financial support and other SOP’s in all segments of 1st line transportation i.e from home to Metro stations or Bus stops and also in last line transportation i.e when you move out of airport or railway station to reach destination.Other transportation sources like E-Buses to be promoted ,Diesel engine of railways must stop and must be on electricity sourced energy base.

So, whatever contribution by public itself and government initiatives can make by spreading awareness and by adopting new pattern of electric vehicle transportation must be taken with positive zeal in both small personal travel and in intercity, interstate travel in E-Buses and other sources of travel. All this need to be taken care for Gen-Next and this can be possible by converting them into Gen-Electric i.e (Gen-E).

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