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Reality Check

The Major Political Parties, without naming any party, Made India For Voters Only Where As Their Responsibility More Towards Nation.

Some basic question arises when you are ignored by your own governance:

Do You feel like a citizen ?

Dont you feel political parties used Indian masses only as vote bank ?

Are you a voter only or a citizen?

If citizens then why your rights dont serve you when you try to exercise them?

India is day by day divided into different Classes economically by such a political will that no body is trying to understand ? Poor, BPL, Middle class, lower middle class, upper middle class, upper class etc. etc. What impression such classes are leaving on genration next. May be We are wrong because you have your analysis but We know you may start thinking atleast, to make a small change significantly.

Your Opinion and Analysis is important To Us, Please Forward Us An Unbiased Opinion.


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