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India And Electric Vehicle(EV)

India as a nation is worlds biggest democracy and a growing economy that aims high GDP. The per capita income though has been increased with the growth potential it has generated in past few decades after independence from colonial rule. Now, in the present age India getting exposure to all latest technology and technology based platform, used for ease of business but still there are complex and stringent old school rules and regulations, with added bureaucratic hurdles, which forces any business house or a start up, to think twice, while taking his next step forward. All this leads to latent results and no initial results come forward. This works not in favour of business growth and GDP factor. Future Mobility,Sudden exposure to new platforms in day today life, with such a vast diverse exposure in a routine, basically sometimes goes in favour of flow and acceptance of general public. One of such platform is electric vehicle (EV) segment and this segment is more controlled and supported by government initiative and various subsidies provided to manufacturers (electric vehicle) and to public who initiate use of electric vehicles also. All this only to curb the air pollution in metros and other cities and also fuel like petrol and diesel are not long term and permanent source of transport and individual mobility. Transport and Mobility, Bicycle sharing is an integral part of public transport for most smart cities and in past also it was also a convenient way of commuting in both first mile to last mile. E-bicycle powered by battery, technology and a motor, which helps connect commuters with long distance public transport modes like the metro or bus, helping people to get around, with a non-polluting, environment friendly vehicle that is also good for your health. The humble bicycle solves many problems of urban transport including congestion and pollution, as well as enabling a better off take of public transport modes. Government has taken a step forward to go electric by 2030. The bike-share model comprises of smart bikes with latest technology features and geo-fenced bicycle stations. The most important part of the E-bike system is an intelligent AI (Artificial Intelligence) based redistribution mechanism, that helps place bikes where people need them the most. Although it appears as a normal simple bicycle, the system uses cutting edge technology which silently operates in the background, giving users a convenient , safe and low cost ride. The Last Mile Revolution , New technologies and business models providing interconnected vehicles , data driven shared solutions and autonomous vehicles and intelligent transport system are changing the way we explore our cities. We are at the forefront of this change using innovative products and methods to navigate the complex & other requirements of last mile, first mile and short distance transport in the Indian landscape, providing bike share solutions in the E-Rickshaw and E-Auto space, as well as developing scooter sharing and other modes of transport in an increasingly multi-modal world.

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